Hi and thanks for using Get My Food. 

If you are here because you're seeking a refund, please submit a ticket and our agents will be happy to help.

Please have with you your name, address, phone number and email used if PayPal so we can locate your payment info and details quicker and deal with your case more effectively.

If your payment was by cash or by transfer, either submit a ticket or fill in our request form and we will come back to you. We cannot offer you transfer or cash so we offer your refund in terms of a voucher for a future order to the same value plus any compensation due/agreed.

It is important to note:

As with any financial refund due by most UK companies, refunds can take up to 7 working days due to PayPal's terms and conditions in relation to e-cheques.

Get My Food use PayPal as our Merchant gateway and this is for customer protection, and in the worst case scenario should no agreement be reached sufficiently gives the option of raising a dispute with them. 

We do ask this is a last resort and please exhaust all other avenues first.

There may be cases that we have to investigate and these may incur delays out of our control but rest assured all necessary 

Payment protection:

It is important to note to PayPal your support ticket reference so they can ensure all standard procedures have been followed, and other info such as any partial payments made as they will also request us for these details. 
We like the safety and knowledge that this is a fallback though as it gives any customer a third party outlet with an unbiased representative looking into their claim, and tit allows for a fair and unbiased arbitrary decision that would then be upheld. 

We do sincerely apologise for any reason you need to request a refund and will do our best as well as a resolution that is satisfactory to you we aim to compensate where necessary in order to maintain customer happiness and retention. 

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