If There's A Problem

GMF UK are responsible and liable in the first instance for any complaint that may arise from your order from orders running late to orders being wrong.

As we are acting on your behalf it is only fair and just that GMF UK are the first port of call for all customers. It could be a GMF UK error after all. This is why GMF UK accept responsibility and liability until such point it an be proven that the liability lies with the restaurant in which the matter is then taken up with the restaurant where necessary. Mistakes are few and far between and GMF UK are always happy to resolve in a satisfactory way, whether it be GMF UK vouchers, refunds or re-runs of their products although this isn’t possible in all circumstances.

The driver will take up the issue with the customer on their behalf at the restaurant on their following visit and will ensure that a complaint is logged as and where necessary.

In more serious cases and circumstances, it may be necessary for other parties or agencies to become involved and GMF UK accept that as our part is to collect and drop the food at no point is food touched or handled by couriers and/or any other staff member and is taken in faith from restaurants in the belief the order is correct as per ordered and as per shown on receipts.

Any issues in relation to allergies and allergens, product preparation and ultimately the final product are the responsibility of the stores. GMF UK are happy to act on the customers behalf as a representative for the customer and take the issue up with the store on the customers behalf in all circumstances where the restaurant is at fault.

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