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GET MY FOOD UK are supporting the community as best we can. 

Being in the fortunate position to have a stream of couriers preapred to go out and get orders for you, we ask you to get in touch and we will do our best.

We are aiming to expand the menu we offer and we aren't doing this for profit or triyng to make money off the back of the virus as people are suggesting, we are just in a position right now to offer services to your door.

With supermarkets and stores running out of goods and food, the only way to order within the coming weeks will be services such as ours. 

Supermarkets are struggling to get fully stocked due to truk drivers and distrubution centres closing down due to mass gatherings.

We will be here as much and as often as we can, we will keep prices as low as possible and will be offering discounts to customers who order regularly as a need.

Did you know?

Most stores Get My Food UK work with, such as Donna B's, Kelly's, Mamma Whites etc. You pay the same as you would in store with a service fee applicable for the courier

Courier Fee: From £3.50

Aiming to Provide More for the Community

To aid the community, GMF UK are providing the following steps

Firstly there has been contact made with Newark Town Markets, to help traders remain in business and give them a service to get their food and goods out.

GMF UK will be listing Porters Butchers again and are looking to get in touch with traders to offer fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meats and products as well as ready made sandwiches.

GMF UK have contacted the Asha and can confirm the Asha, Everest Inn, Turquoise Teapot, Jenny's Cafe, Donna B's Tasty Bites, Kelly's Snack Bar, Mr Chips, KFC, McDonald's, Subway, and more that will be listed on our site.

And then you got those who don't want to be listed (don';t know why - as it's a one stop food hub but it's their choice ultimately).

These stores include Thai Sabai, Victoria Chip Shop and Golden Grill, Kelly's and Donna B's obviousy do, and then there are other outlets we will continue to list as and when we can in this section too.

Holy Moly

For those with an active lifestyle and intensive gym training

Donna B's

For those with an active lifestyle, hard, and sports

Mr Chips

Balanced eating for vegetarians

KFC, McD's, BK etc.

Healthy food in your office

Asda & Other Groceries

Turquoise Teapot

Contact Us:

If you need to contact us for any reason here are our main detials. Apologies but we don't currently have an helpline.

[email protected]

Newark, Nottinghamshire

Grantham, Nottinghamshire

Sleaford, Lincolnshire

Grimsby,  Northeast Lincolnshire

Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

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